Meet regulatory compliance and the highest quality standards

The Zutec platform allows you to remove reliance on manual processes and bring structure to your inspections to drive efficiencies and reduce human error.

Quality Assurance | Snagging & Defects | Health & Safety

What’s Inside? 

  • Details of our QM solutions for QA/QC Inspections, Snagging & Defects, Health & Safety and Cladding Remediation.
  • How to take control of quality processes with real-time access to project progress and subcontractor performance.
  • How to compile photographic evidence, speed up handovers and minimise project rework.
  • Why empowering teams with complete data visibility will help them make more informed decisions, plot to plot, and project to project.
  • How to use technology to build on time and to budget while meeting regulatory compliance and the highest quality standards.



More about this booklet 

If we are to meet government targets to reach 29,000 new builds in 2023 alone, we need to radically rethink the way homes are built and the technology methods we employ.

We think improving the quality of housing is as important as increasing supply. With pressures to adhere to building regulations, we need to ensure homes are fit for purpose both now and into the future.

Manual processes and human error may be holding you back as you move towards safer more sustainable, better-quality and energy-efficient homes. But better-quality homes can be delivered more quickly with the right technology in place.

Get ready to take control of your quality processes with a single source of truth for quality and site inspections. The Zutec platform digitises all your quality management processes for Quality Assurance (QA) Inspections & Test Plans (ITPs), Snagging & Defect Management, Health & Safety, and Cladding Remediation.

You’ll learn how our cloud platform and easy-to-use field application can help you keep an eye on project progress while tracking subcontractor performance so you have the assurance that your homes meet the highest quality standards and regulatory compliance and can stand the test of time.

Lastly, we’ll share what makes us great at what we do, who we’re already working with and how we can help you manage quality data across all your building assets.


Everything you need to take control of your quality processes 

Our cloud platform and easy-to-use field application will help you meet regulatory compliance and quality standards across your building portfolio. Fill in the form now and get our booklet sent straight to your inbox.