Document Coordination

Coordinate every element of your construction project. Upload drawings, 3D models and documents to the Common Data Environment. Set viewing and editing permissions so that information can be shared easily amongst the relevant parties.


Help your teams work together more effectively with Zutec Document Coordination.

Give your stakeholders the project visibility they need to carry out their work effectively. Collate all your data on one central platform and set individual user access and editing permissions according to team member roles. Simple version management speeds up document sharing and ensures that everyone works off the latest models and drawings.


01. Organise

Empower the project teams to work together effectively. Store documents, drawings and BIM models on one central platform so they can be easily distributed and located.


02. Share

Designate user permissions for access, sharing and editing functions. Issue specific workflows and notifications to users of your choice.


03. Control

Real-time reporting and analysis across all project documents for you and your team. Keep team members working off current documentation. Make historic records available through the audit log.


04. Connect

Construction-focused document platform that can be linked to your O&M and handover documents to support the facilities management phase.


    • Improve efficiency: All the construction team members are always aligned so you can be certain all members of the team are working to the most up to date information.

    • Facilitate collaboration: Document coordination makes all documents and information available to all relevant stakeholders in real time for swift and simple collaboration.




    “Zutec has helped us drive consistency and quality in our installations. Operatives take ownership knowing that everything is inspected and recorded”

    Kevin Whiriskey, Contracts Manager

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