Document Control

Use Zutec CDE to control and manage all your design, construction and in-use documents. Enforce processes and practices to ensure the project information is collated, distributed, reviewed and modified effectively through one accessible platform at any stage in the asset life-cycle.


Bring all of your construction documents under control, in a single cloud location to deliver a single source of truth.

Enforce standards such as ISO 9001 Document Management and adapt your processes to ensure best practice is adhered to, whatever the nature of your project. Add process controls to any documents, drawings or 3D models.


01. Standardise

Zutec helps you adopt ISO 9001 and adapt the process to best suit your business.




02. Publish

Publish drawings and 3D models in a controlled process using Zutec’s transmittal module and ensure all stakeholders have access to the latest project documents




03. Export

Publish media files as well as any drawing or document file types so that stakeholders can easily review documents in their own time.




04. Oversee

Simple-to-use system built on a powerful relational database with metadata tagging.




    • Build better: Maintain compliance, meet contractual obligations, achieve greater accuracy through document version control and deliver better quality outcomes.

    • Take control: Establish frameworks that allow for better document control, are easy for your teams to follow and ensure that the highest standards are always maintained.




    “Zutec has helped us drive consistency and quality in our installations. Operatives take ownership knowing that everything is inspected and recorded”

    Kevin Whiriskey, Contracts Manager

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