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With tools for Design Collaboration, Tender Management, Project, Document & Quality Management, Digital hand-over and in-use/aftercare inspections our Common Data Environment solution is the most comprehensive solution on the market and supports you throughout the building life cycle to ensure you have the right information at the right time across your portfolio of projects.

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Use of the Zutec CDE will enable you to deliver broad project collaboration and deliver improved real time reporting which will result in the efficient delivery of your projects. 

Use of our solution will better connect your teams whether in the field, the office or other locations and provides a full audit trail to provide the golden thread of responsibility throughout the project life-cycle.

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Mitigate Risk

Designed to enforce the key phases of the UK’s RIBA Digital Plan of Work and the principles of ISO 19650. Our BSi Kitemark-approved cloud platform will ensure you are compliant with applicable construction industry regulations.

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Own Your Data

Control and own every aspect of your project information, regardless of whether it is a document, a model or structured data. These relationships will yield higher-quality data and allow you to report real time KPI’s at any point in the project lifecycle, resulting in improved decision making.

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Deliver Improved Efficiency

The Zutec CDE will ensure teams collaborate more effectively, using higher quality data to deliver improved project efficiency throughout all phases of the project Lifecyle.

Design Collaboration

Share critical design information and track the processes for managing change requests to ensure a full audit trail of responsibility and approval throughout the project Lifecycle. Use of the Zutec CDE will ensure you can implement and deliver the principles of the golden thread of information simply and easily throughout the project life cycle.

Tender Management

Use Zutec CDE Tender Management, to easily manage & simplify the processes associated with evaluating and appointing contractors & sub-contractors to your projects. Our Tender Management module manages the distribution of tender documents and addendums and provides full comparative evaluation of tender responses

Project Management

Configure and streamline project workflows to standardise processes, eliminate duplicated data and consistently organise all your project information in one place.


Document Management

Manage all your controlled documents & correspondence from the office or in the field to ensure the latest design changes have been effectively communicated to the project team. Maintain a full audit trail of who is working with which drawing and specification.


BIM Enabled CDE

Zutec CDE can be set up and configured to track and report progress against information deliverables defined by either the Clients EIR or the Contractors BEP, throughout the building lifecycle. Use the Zutec BIM tools to provide a complete visual index to navigate associated documents, commissioning results & O&M Manuals.


Aftercare and Property Management

Use the Zutec CDE repository of information to build a full portfolio of all your estate and property information for both new build and existing assets by retrofitting existing historic information from existing buildings. Update existing information with the results of annual inspections and surveys to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. Use Zutec CDE to manage and schedule maintenance and aftercare issues.

Analytics for CDE

The Zutec CDE delivers real time and flexible data and reporting to help you make sense of the comprehensive datasets within your project. Generate reports from across projects to share insights with key stakeholders and enable improved decision making.


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