Zutec has been named an NHQB Accredited Supplier for its full suite of quality management (QM) solutions for housebuilders and developers . Accredited Suppliers are carefully selected to support developers in meeting the QM  requirements and framework set by the  NHQB. Zutec’s digital QM solutions support users during the construction phase, and include:

  • Quality Assurance Inspections with standardised templates
  • Snagging and Defect Management
  • Health & Safety Forms
  • Part L Photographic Evidence
  • Cladding Remediation.

“As we work with housebuilders and developers to digitise their quality management processes to deliver better-built homes, we can help them remain compliant with the NHQB’s framework while also meeting other building regulation requirements, removing manual processes, improving on-site efficiencies, and reducing human error,” commented Gustave Geisendorf, CEO at BuildData Group, holding company for Zutec.

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