Harnessing Digitalisation: Mastering Quality Management Processes



Length: 45 Mins

This webinar is best for:

  • Housebuilders

The recent manifesto commitment from the government to build one million homes over this Parliament will go some way to restore supply.

… But ramping up construction should never come at the cost of quality.

This on-demand webinar will address how you can take control of your quality management processes to improve quality standards and ensure better performing and safer housing, all while boosting efficiencies.

Sign up today to find out why one platform for quality management including quality assurance inspections, snagging and defect management, health and safety and Part L, will help you meet regulatory compliance.

Be part of building smarter as the industry moves towards the government’s housing supply goals.

Things you’ll learn:

  • The importance of digitising your quality management process to bring structure to inspections and compliance, removing reliance on manual processes and reducing human error.
  • Why streamlining your Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Health & Safety processes with bespoke digital forms and checklists helps deliver housing at the highest quality standards.
  • How to drive efficiencies and monitor real-time progress to speed up completions, handovers and minimise project rework.
  • How data visibility can empower teams to make better decisions plot-to-plot and project-to-project.
  • How to maintain a digital record of data and take photographic evidence so you can evidence work done, materials used, and share plots sign off.
  • How one platform can be your single source of truth for quality management.


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