Find snags and defects early, resolve them quickly

Snagging and Defect Management solution for greater standardisation and efficiency.

What’s Inside? 

  • How to resolve snags more quickly and effectively by standardising the snagging process and eliminating manual tasks.
  • How to boost collaboration between employees, subcontractors and management teams through one centralised, cloud-based system.
  • How to give your teams the tools they need for you to comply with safety regulations and quality specifications.
  • How to get a real-time picture of progress as well as subcontractor performance with access to better information.



More about this booklet 

Traditional snagging processes leave too much scope for human error, crossed wires and confusion.

In order to speed up resolution times, avoid delays and improve satisfaction, rethinking the way homes are inspected and the technology methods we use is a necessity.

When individual properties can run into hundreds of snags throughout construction, larger residential developments can accumulate tens of thousands of issues. By digitising snagging on your projects, you can save vast amounts of time and prevent mistakes, oversights and miscommunication.

Get ready to streamline the snagging process with a simple-to-use solution that connects your employees, subcontractors and management teams through one centralised, cloud-based system.

You’ll learn how you can migrate forms from your existing systems or use pre-set templates, how to implement the solution and how easy to follow the mobile app is when working in the field.

Lastly, we’ll share what makes us great at what we do, who we’re already working with and how we can help with snagging and defect management across all your building assets.


Everything you need to take control of your snagging processes 

Our cloud platform and easy-to-use field application will help you meet regulatory compliance and quality standards across your building portfolio. Fill in the form now and get our booklet sent straight to your inbox.