Safeguard your property portfolio, without switching between systems

Zutec’s PPM Management solution bridges the gap between handover documentation and maintenance management.

What’s Inside? 

  • Key challenges facing building maintenance management and the potential inefficiencies and risks.
  • How to bridge the gap between practical completion and PPM.
  • Why you should have handover, O&M, and Asset Register information linked in one platform.
  • The key components that make PPM Management straightforward.
  • How you can support your Golden Thread of Information.



More about this booklet 

Ensuring effective oversight of building and PPM information across all your buildings can be a lengthy process.

Typically, building information is still siloed across systems and formats. When you own multiple buildings, it can also be of differing completeness and quality too — and a challenge to make sense of it all.

This is especially important now you have to prepare for upcoming Building Safety Act obligations by maintaining a digital record of data, including PPM tasks and outcomes to maintain a ‘Golden Thread’ of information.

Get ready to own all your data on a single digital platform that is collated and structured by us to meet your internal PPM processes. With all your documentation and tasks in one place, you no longer have to navigate disparate systems.

You’ll learn how to make PPM easier while underpinning building safety and maintenance management throughout the asset lifecycle.

Lastly, we’ll share what makes us great at what we do, how we’re already working with Asset Owners and Facilities Management companies to help them maintain an accurate and complete set of data on handovers and assets.


Everything you need to take control of your PPM Management 

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