Part L — Putting Tech at the Heart of Photographic Evidence Compliance

Guidance on how to achieve compliance.


As part of the roadmap to the 2025 Future Homes Standard, updated building regulations will come into force on 15th June 2022, providing guidance on the conservation of fuel and power within new and refurbished dwellings. The uplifted Part L (or Approved Document L) of Building Regulation 40, requires all new homes registered in England and Wales to produce 31% less CO2 emissions on the current SAP model to meet compliance.

Housebuilders and developers will need to demonstrate through photographs that new builds and refurbished dwellings are constructed using materials, methods and technology that meet standards.

It is essential that housebuilders and developers understand how to meet standards within these regulations, but also how they stay ahead of the curve by having the right tools and processes in place for compliance.

As a leading client Common Data Environment [CDE] for quality management and digital handover, our new paper delves into these, focusing on Photographic Evidence of the uplifted Part L Standard, addressing:

  • Uplifted Part L 2021: What it really means to Housebuilders and Developers.
  • Photographic evidence and BREL report specifics.
  • The role of technology, besides capturing digital photos.
  • How one platform can provide one source of truth.
  • Taking the next step to a seamless photographic evidence process.

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