6 easy steps to ISO 19650 compliance

Improve business outcomes through global standards guiding you to best practice

ISO e-book

Since the introduction of BIM, the new technology has increasingly been adopted by developers around the world. Although the many business benefits are widely recognised, a lack of standardisation has allowed data gaps and inefficiencies to persist. To solve the problem, the ISO 19650 series of standards was established, creating a global framework for best practice and unifying approaches around the world.

While ISO 19650 compliance can help your organisation save resources, minimise risk and win new business, its implementation might at first seem complicated. From a commercial standpoint, it will nevertheless significantly improve your outcomes, which is why we’ve created this guide to outline 6 key steps to help you make the process manageable.

We explain just why certification is so useful from a commercial perspective, providing insight into overcoming obstacles, outlining new terminology and where the key focus of ISO 19650 lies. We explain why each step is important, helping you effect change at an organisational level and guide you to compliance and best practice.

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