Gleeson Homes Partner with Zutec.

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Gleeson Homes and Zutec have joined forces to bring innovation to quality control processes. We’re supporting them with the digitisation of multiple forms and checklists for Quality Assurance inspections, along with Part L Photographic Evidence — setting new standards in quality across their business.

Zutec’s Quality Management solutions form the foundation of Gleeson’s digitised Quality Control Plot Book, which is used for inspections on site. Zutec’s Quality Management Suite includes:

  • Quality Assurance Inspections with standardised templates
  • Snagging and Defect Management
  • Health & Safety Forms
  • Part L Photographic Evidence
  • Cladding Remediation

Matt Ball, Solutions Architect at Gleeson, commented: “We want to raise the bar in quality housebuilding, and believe innovation in this area is key. We partnered with Zutec for their Part L innovation to help us meet regulatory requirements, but quickly realised that we could work together to digitise our quality control process and plot book to give us more control and consistency on what was happening site by site and project to project.”

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