All Your Asset Portfolio

Data in one place


Host all your asset operations and maintenance information on a cloud-based platform to guarantee easy access to secure, searchable, and quality data, while meeting regulatory compliance.

What’s Inside? 

  • The benefits of having all you asset portfolio information in one place with Zutec digital hosting
  • How to quickly deploy a user-friendly visual index of your built assets that can be updated as needed
  • How we can structure your information for immediate use in line with current regulatory requirements
  • How to manage users and permissions
  • How to avoid data loss with a full back up and disaster recovery failover process
  • How adding notification reminders can ensure that certificates, servicing and maintenance of an asset is always up to date



More about this brochure 

Accessing data across an asset portfolio after handover can be a challenge when your information is on disparate systems and not fully accounted for.  

On top of this, when data isn’t easily available or stored effectively, costs can get out of hand during the operations and maintenance phase. 

At the same time, upcoming Building Safety Act obligations such as ‘golden thread’, mean handover information must be accessible and digitally hosted. 

That’s why Zutec hosting provides a visual index of your built asset, which can be updated as you need, your information is structured for immediate use in line with current regulatory requirements—including the Building Safety Act, and ISO 19650. 


Everything you need to structure your asset information and enhance user experience 

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